The Otago Classic Motoring Club is based in Dunedin with a membership of approximately 90.

Formerly the NZ Post Vintage Car Club we changed our name in 2006 to reflect the wide range of vehicles within the club and to encourage other classic car owners to join us.  There is now a Classic 4WD Section of the club.


We have our own clubrooms in Dunedin where we hold weekly clubnights, monthly meetings and other social gatherings.

Our clubrooms are at Rapid No 18 Leith Valley Rd (which is a continuation of Malvern St) 

Every month there is a car run, where other clubs often join us, we also have night rallies and other events throughout the year.


New members and their families are very welcome.


Look at the Events page to see whats  coming up


Southern Electrical Autospectacular 2016
The 2016 autospectaular will be held on the 10th of September
We are looking for entries for this years event.
More information & entry forms are on the Autospectacular page 
Spare Parts
  On our for sale page is our new listing of parts that we have for sale
This is only a small selection of the parts shed. 
Any enquires please contact Bill Keen at desotobill@slingshot.co.nz 



If anyone would like their copy of the club magazine (Running Board) through their E-Mail, then please contact Kevin Casey through his E-Mail: caseyleadlights@xtra.co.nz.